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Wreck DivingAs we are located a few kilometers from Grand harbour we are blessed with many war wrecks that not many of the other schools know about. Most of our instructors were born and bred in Malta and Enginehave had ample time to aquire knowledge of these locations. One such wreck dive is a Blenheim bomber located at around 42 metres, the Steamer 'HMS Eddie' minesweeper, the 'South Wald', and a French Merchant ship amongst others.




Drop OffsAquabubbles scuba diving school is located as far south in Malta as you can go and because of this we can reach the yet unspoilt Western part of Malta. This side is only frequented by a few local divers. Here we have fantastically clear water drop offs where Grouper and other fish species are not uncommon. WeBream & Grouper normally organise these day trips on our 38ft fishing schooner. After the diving, on our way back we can discuss the dives over a bottle of the superb local wine.





Flora & FaunaSo for an experience of a lifetime come and see the different flora and fauna on our side of the island, a place that you have not visited before. Even if you have visited Malta before we guarantee that we will show you a completely different experience altogether. If you are more interested in the 'tourist dive sites' and you prefer the jam packed dive sites we can organise these too. As the saying goes, we are here to please

Comino Island






Unaccompanied DivingIf you prefer to hire the equipment and do your own thing please keep in mind that to dive in Malta you will need a medical certificate stating that you are fit for diving. If you want to dive without being accompanied by an instructor you will have to apply for a local permit. If you are interested in doing so please contact us beforehand so that we will have the permits ready for you by the time you arrive in Malta and you can go diving straight away.Lobster for dinner?





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